December 30, 2016

New Years Sale

Happy New Year Crawlers!
To celebrate the historical event of humanity lasting another year without total self-annihilation, Order of the Quill is having a rare 40% off PDF sale!

Also called the "buy a kick-ass DCC RPG book and a coffee* for +Julian Bernick  and Clint simultaneously" sale!
*when I say coffee, I probably mean beer...


You can find all three Order of the Quill titles: Cast Tower, Theater of the Hammed, and Nowhere City Nights at 40% off PDF.  Don't forget about Myassari the Patron of Birth and Decay, who has always been name-your-own-price (in case you'd like to add a scone in with the coffee).

Hope you get in some good gaming before the New Year's sun rises!  Until then...

May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!”

November 10, 2016

Gamehole Con, Hounded, and Beyond!

Hi Dungeon Crawlers!

It has been awhile, so there is quite a bit of exciting news to share.

First of all, I just got back this week from Gamehole Con in Madison, WI.  It was a fantastic convention, made so by great friends and great roleplaying games!  Some of my personal highlights included: Eating free hotel breakfast with Metemorphosis Alpha's Jim Ward, Having a card-based drink off against +Jen Brinkman  in Red Dragon Inn, playing Memoir ‘44 with +Doug Kovacs , taking +Brendan LaSalle  on a Minneapolis DCC RPG community ride through space on a tavern drifting through the cosmos, and playing through a Zork-like RPG experience with the creator of Flux, Andrew Looney! And of course gaming with +Jason Hobbs , +Meredith Spearman , +Jason Bossert , +Forrest Aguirre , +Jon Carnes , +Trevor Hartman (Rick Spencer!), +Tim Mulry , +Julian Bernick , +Bob Brinkman , and everyone else.

I also picked up some great books and artwork at the Con, including this year’s Gamehole Con limited edition Erol Otus print - plus an original Doug Kovacs DCC rpg ink.  The piece is quite different than the normal DCC illustrations. It's composition and collage-like style mean I find something new in it each time I look.  I’d love to see more like this!

In other RPG news, I’m currently writing a zone for +Thorin Thompson 's Sky ov Crimson Flame Easter Forrest stretch goal!  For those who are unaware, Sky ov Crimson Flame is an awesome 0-Level funnel that just came off of a very successful Kickstarter!  I got to play in Thorin’s playtest last year and it was a dangerous blast!

A game of trickery and entrapment

Finally, although not strictly RPG related, I’ve got to plug the release of my first published boardgame - Hounded, a game of trickery and entrapment, published by Atlas Games.  Hounded is a two-player, asymmetrical competitive strategy game based on fox hunting.  It’s appearing on all good FLGS shelves this month, so if you’re a boardgamer - please check it out at your local boardgame store!

Thanks again and as always…  “May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!”

July 18, 2016

Nowhere City Nights - Now Available!

Behold the bad-ass cover illustration by Spencer Amundsen!
Hi all!

Julian Bernick here, taking over the Order of the Quill site to tell you all about Nowhere City Nights, our newest DCC RPG product!

Nowhere City Nights is a setting and rules supplement for DCC RPG.  Nowhere City Nights takes three of the core DCC classes (Warrior, Wizard, Thief) and updates them to a gritty 21st century urban setting.  In addition to "class customization rules", it has some light rules for modern gear and vehicle chases, setting info, a smattering of new monsters and three new complete patron write-ups that are fully usable for any DCC RPG campaign.

Available at both and

So what the heck is Nowhere City?    
I'm a big fan of horror games and modern settings and I wanted to bring an Appendix N sensibility to the genre of modern action and horror.  Nowhere City is a place where Gutter Knights seek to hold off the sorcerous powers of Chaos with guns and Sainted Steel while Free Agents turn a profit any way they can!   DCC Alignments are a big part of Nowhere City, featuring morality (Law), amorality (Neutrality) and immorality (Chaos)!  There are power-mad sorcerers, bizarre urban monsters and powers from beyond the Veil.
The Derro, minions of a patron known only as "The Weeper"

Have you re-engineered DCC to be a whole new rules engine with feats, skills, going-up-stairs-movement, flame thrower rules and...?   
Nah, I tried to keep it pretty fast and light and make it a book you could pick up and quickly create an adventure or sandbox a starting point!  If you already know DCC RPG, you will be right at home, the few extra rules and features will snap right in place.  It's a toolbox with plot-hooks, NPCs, Patrons and locations.  So mix, match and merge them to disturb any group of jaded PCs!

Sounds cool, where can I buy it?  
See the links below and of course, if you are attending GENCON, it will be available where the best RPG products are sold (obviously at the Goodman Games booth!)

RPGNow (Print + PDF): click here (Print): click here

"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"