December 17, 2014

Welcome to the Order of the Quill

Hello fellow dungeon crawlers and welcome to Order of the Quill!  This blog is where I'll be posting information and updates regarding my upcoming DCC RPG adventure modules.  Right now, this first DCC adventure, titled Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises!, is written and in the hands of Julian Bernick for editing.  From there it will be play-tested, tweaked, illustrated, and released!  Expect to see PDF and Print versions available in February 2015.  I'll reveal more about the adventure as the estimated release date approaches...

In the meantime, I wanted to share the book I am currently reading.  It's titled Urshurak and was written/created by The Brothers Hilderbrandt and Jerry Nicholes.  It was published in 1979 and so far has a great "classic" epic fantasy vibe.  I was lucky enough to find a copy at my local sci fi bookstore Uncle Hugo's in Minneapolis, MN.

"Before you is an old tome; its spine bent and damaged from years of reading.  Boldly printed upon the front cover is the word 'URSHURACK.'"  

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