February 17, 2015

Google+ and Reddit Adventure Announcement

Below is a copy of my adventure announcement posted on the DCC RPG Google+ community, Reddit, and Facebook.

Evening Dungeon Crawlers,

I'm excited and proud to officially announce the upcoming release of my first DCC RPG adventure module titled Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises!  It's a 60 page, fully illustrated adventure for 2nd and 3rd-Level characters that has been approved and licensed under Goodman Games 3PP program. Since July of last year, it has been a passion project which has consumed my free time and held my imagination. Inspired by the fantastic adventures written by Harley Stroh and Michael Curtis, as well as a host of other fantasy authors, I set out to build a rich story of my own to mystify, challenge, and captivate judges and PCs. Below is a blurb hinting at the adventure which lies within:

A DCC Adventure for 2nd and 3rd-Level Characters

"Beware the power of Ruzzick–Tol,
Conqueror of Nature and Death.
Time defeated rewinds the soul,
Renewing one last breath."

Terror pillages the minds of those rooted within Hallowstone Valley; their Thane's daughter lost and their families tormented by the arrival of a murderous beast! Before the villagers can be unbound from fear, adventurers brave enough to lend hand will find themselves plunging down a mysterious spiral of betrayal, half–truths, blood magic, and death — eventually gaining possession of an extraordinary artifact of an immortal but perilous nature. What happened to Torene? Who was Harfin Hazelnook? And what has spawned the beast which now preys on the weak of Thanesmire? The answers await only those courageous enough to seek them out!

Over the last few months, I've had a tremendous amount of help and support from friends to shape this adventure - including guidance and editing from our community's own Julian Bernick!  The module is close to complete, with the only remaining step being the finalization and placement of its illustrations. Below are two illustrations by artist Jay Rasgorshek created exclusively for the adventure. Jay is a very talented friend whom I've commissioned to illustrate the entire adventure!
Could that be the wizard of the Blood Moon?

A tower risen!

From now until the adventure's release, everyone who follows my adventure's blog or Google+ page will be entered for a chance to win a FREE print copy of the module!  The winner will be announced along with the official module release announcement.



Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises! will be available in early March of this year in Print and PDF formats sold through LULU.com and RPGNow.com. I can't wait to announce its final release, and I hope you'll enjoy reading and playing it as much as I've enjoyed developing it.

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