February 12, 2015

Playtest Results and More News!

Hello adventurers,
Today I get to post an exciting update!  Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises! has been written, edited, playtested, balanced, and is now in the process of being illustrated by the very talented Jay Rasgorshek!

A lot has happened since the January update.  One thing you may notice is the image upon the right hand side of the blog.  The one that states, "Compatible with DCC RPG."  That's correct!  It's official!  The completed adventure, along with some completed illustrations, were sent to Goodman Games to request 3PP approval.  And we passed the test!

Overall January's playtest went very well.  I got to GM a full adventuring party made up of both new and experienced DCC players.  They played cautious, smart, and made it through the entire adventure with only several casualties.  I learned that some of my monsters and traps were too tough, while others needed to be a bit more intimidating.  Besides encounter balancing, the adventure played out just as I was hoping.  The players unraveled enough of the adventure's mystery to successfully rescue the town of Thanesmire, but were still interested in learning more about Hallowstone Valley and its history even after the game ended.

This photo was snapped during the final battle!  Paul Bunyan's boots were soaked in PC blood before he was finally toppled.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting in-progress illustrations and other previews as the adventure gets closer to publication.  Stay tuned!

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