March 4, 2015

Getting closer!

Greetings Judges and Adventurers,
Thanks again for the excitement, support, and for spreading the word of my upcoming module release of Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises! for 2nd and 3rd-Level DCC RPG characters!  I just wanted to update you on the progress that's been made over the last couple of weeks.

Jay has been working away at the final illustrations - and they are looking fantastic!  I don't want to spoil all the fun of opening the module for the first time, so I've posted a cropped image of one of the newer drawings.

May a foul fate await this group of foolhardy adventurers? Or will their intellect and caution lead them?

My next post will be to reveal the official, full color, adventure module cover!  So stay tuned and know that in the meantime I've been working on the outlines for the Order of the Quills second full-scale adventure!

May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!

1 comment:

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