March 24, 2015

Now available for download on!

Evening Crawlers!
I'm excited to announce the launch of my 3PP 68 page adventure titled Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises! - now available for purchase and download from!

Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises!

An Adventure for 2nd and 3rd-Level DCC RPG Characters


Before everyone clicks "Buy Now", we need to learn who among you rolled the highest Luck Score and won a free print copy (available soon!).

Alright...I'm actually rolling this at this very moment.
d50s take a while to settle...
And the winner is... Alex Perucchini! Congrats and may you bathe in the blood of foolish adventurers!

Testing out the home-printed PDF!

A print edition will be made available within two weeks.  I've requested a proof from to ensure that the print quality/layout are in order before releasing.

Thanks again to Julian Bernick (Editor) and Jay Rasgorshek (Illustrator), who worked hard to help make this module as bad ass as it could be!  I hope you all enjoy exploring its pages, discovering its treasures, and unlocking its secrets.

Be sure to send me your thoughts and reviews - and don't forget to share your first-hand PC deaths at Kramick's Portal Cadaverous for a chance to win my next adventure!

Stay turned to hear when the print copies become available!  And more exciting news to come!

"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"

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