April 14, 2015

Print version now available via RPGNow.com

Hi Crawlers!
More exciting news - Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises! is now available on RPGNow.com for purchase in both print and PDF formats.  There is also a bundle option available for those who enjoy both formats.  If you've already purchased the print version from LuLu, but would like the RPGNow PDF version for the additional $2 USD (via Paypal), please contact me with proof of purchase (LuLu receipt) and I'll send along your RPGNow PDF copy.

Left: Lulu.com Print Edition    Right: RPGNow.com Print Edition

Left: Lulu.com Print Edition    Right: RPGNow.com Print Edition

As you might be able to tell from the photos, the only real difference between the two print editions is the binding.  LuLu uses a staple bind, while RPGNow uses a glue-based bind.  No matter which edition you order, the only bind that will really matter is the one your PCs get themselves in!
Don't forget that all adventure handouts for this module, and my future modules, are printable for FREE from the Printable Module Handouts section on OrderoftheQuill.com.

I have more exciting announcements to come, including some FREE material for the DCC RPG community, so stay tuned!

"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"

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