May 31, 2015

The Coal Snoot - A Hemlock Bones Mystery Adventure for DCC RPG!

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I'm excited to announce the completion of my DCC Mega Zine article!  It is my very first Hemlock Bones Mystery Adventure, titled The Coal Snoot, and is exclusively releasing this summer in the DCC Mega Zine.  It features several awesome illustrations by artists Jay Rasgorshek and Jack Kotz (Jay also did the illustrations for my DCC Cast Tower module).  With the launch of the Hemlock Bones series comes a new judge's table dubbed "Hemlock Bones' Table of Truth."  This table is adventure-specific, and possesses statements, truths, and clues designed as rewards for players who perform feats of badass deduction and high dice rolls.  Closer to the zine's release, I'll upload the truth table for The Coal Snoot, as well as a blank table template (both will be available to download free).  Along with the table comes some new DCC reward mechanics and session advice to help keep mystery adventures fun for both players and judges.

Jay's awesome title-page illustration!

Hemlock Bones Mystery Adventure #1

The Coal Snoot
A fog of puzzlement and despair has enveloped the stricken subjects of Lanesbarrow, whose tongues wag with the whispers of a horrific murder, perplexing in circumstance, on the eve of Quaff-tide. A maiden's body has been discovered locked within the castle's vault, of which the only key is held by the king himself! The vault's nightguard has been found guilty by the king, and will be expressly hanged at midnight, against his family's plea for further inquiry. Even the great Hemlock Bones cannot solve this mystery without assistance from a band of fool-hearty adventurers! This adventure-cue is for DCC RPG characters of all levels, and is written to be paraphrased, adapted, and expanded upon by the judge prior to running.

Proofing the adventure-cue and truth tables!

A sneak peak at the tables, with Jack's kickass illustration work!
Stay tuned for more announcements, articles, and freebies!  And as always...

"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"

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