July 12, 2015

Myassari Zine Edition - Available Now!

Thanks again to all those who’ve download the Myassari PDF on RPGNow - and special thanks to everyone who went on to leave a tip via pay-what-you-want or to order the Cast Tower adventure. I can’t wait to hear what badass-ery the Patron of Birth and Decay grants your clerics and wizards (sometimes at steep cost)!

After showing off the Myassari zine mock-up a few weeks ago, I’ve had several players/GMs ask me about ordering a copy outside of tonight’s drawing. For you I bear good news - The patron profile, much like Myassari herself, is no longer bound to the cold, void realms of PDF, and has taken on a physical form - manifesting as a neon-red zine ready to be dropped into your campaign and zine-box!

Gaze upon that shiny ink cardstock cover!
The Myassari Zine is now available in limited quantity (30 available online)! They are printed on heavy, 28lb paper with a cardstock cover (thanks +Adam Muszkiewicz for the printing advice!). Depending on how things go, I may print off another batch in August or September - otherwise, this is the time to summon her while supplies last!

If you're going to be at GenCon this year, +Roy Snyder and the Goodman Games crew will have a small batch of Myassari zine’s available at their merch booth - Along with a few Cast Tower adventure module prints!

And now, for our drawing winners (had to roll a d100 this time!!)

+R.S. Tilton
+Thorin Thompson
+Stefan Antonowicz

Those who’ve won, I’ll be reaching out via Goolge+ to get your shipping info. I’ll ship out the Myassari zines later this week.  Keep your eyes on the blog for some updates on my soon to release Hemlock Bones NPC profile, as well as a second Order of the Quill adventure releasing late this fall/early winter.

Thanks again, and as always…
"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"

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