September 15, 2015

Theater of the Hammed - a 4th-Level DCC RPG Adventure premiering at Gamehole Con 2015!

Cover in progress - Illustrated by Jack Kotz
Hi Crawlers!
I'm thrilled to reveal the cover of my second Order of the Quill 3PP DCC RPG module titled Theater of the Hammed - An adventure for 4th-level characters that will be premiering at Gamehole Con this November!  That's right!  My Gamehole Con event titled "Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises! [DCC RPG]" is actually a deceptive curtain concealing Theater of the Hammed!  There are only two seats remaining - so grab them while you can!

This module was exclusively written for Gamehole Con's first annual Rodney adventure writing competition!  Keep your fingers crossed that I roll under my Luck and bring home the Rodney trophy in the name of gong farmers everywhere!

Before I get into more info about Theater of the Hammed, I just wanted to praise everyone who has purchased a zine copy of Myassari, or who purchased a free PDF through RPGNow!  There are only 10 zine copies of Myassari left, so snag one while they last.  Otherwise, you can hunt for them at either the Goodman Games or Black Blade booths at a Con near you, along with copies of Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises!  So thank you again - the DCC RPG G+ community should be a DCC patron of its own...

So, what is Theater of the Hammed?

"The people of Minstrel need your help!  A divine ritual meant to heal our sleepless king has gone abominably, giving birth to blood-thirsty creatures from the pages of fable!  Now we are trapped between both the Western raiders which rule our port, and the nightmarish demons which hold our once great amphitheater.  Scattered within the theater are the cursed fable’s pages, which we need to complete the ritual!  Where could such a group of adventurers be found, who would dare face creatures and beasts so vile as to even hurl the imaginative minds of a theater audience into complete terror!

This 4th-Level DCC RPG Adventure includes a unique set of Player Handouts that combine into 'The Boy in the Golden Pantaloons' - A dungeon crawler’s fairy tale written exclusively for this adventure!"

Sneak-peek at a handout from Theater of the Hammed

Not only does this adventure include a scattered, 8 page player handout which combines into a fairy tale (page sneak-peek above), but it also includes a new "Misbelief Rating" game mechanic, which tracks how far into fantasy your players have fallen!  The player tracking his/her group's Misbelief wears the fabled "Melodalia's Medallion of Misbelief!" - A dial which can be worn as a necklace!

What three months of adventure writing/research looks like when piled up.

I'm currently seeking out one or two DCC RPG GMs who are interested in running a playtest of Theater of the Hammed with his/her player group.  The GM and playtester's names will be credited within the final adventure, and their input will be greatly appreciated!  The playtest will need to happen before October 24th to give me time to tweak the final text before Gamehole Con.  Both GMs who participate will be mailed physical printed copies of the final module as a thank you!!!  If you're interested, please PM me through G+.  I'll leave a comment on this post once I've found two GMs to participate.

I know this was a longer post, but thanks again and as always…
"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"

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