November 18, 2015

Look for OQ Adventures at a Con Near You!


Hi Crawlers! And those who've stumbled here from Goodman Game's wildly successful DCC RPG Kickstarter - talk about exploding dice!
If you're lucky enough to be attending a Con this year with a heavy DCC RPG presence, then you'll likely find +Roy Snyder and/or +Jon Hershberger, along with Order of the Quill's DCC RPG publications in the merch booth area!  I believe the next Cons are U-Con in MI and GaryCon in WI.  Among the OQ titles are Theater of the Hammed, Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises, and Myassair the Patron of Birth and Decay.  For those picking up TOTH, be sure to ask about Melodalia's Medallion of Misbelief, a special edition player aid featured in the module and available at the Con as an add-on!

Melodalia's Medallion of Misbelief - Featured in TOTH

If you're not able to attend a Con this year, don't worry - you didn't fumble!  You can still pick up copies of OQ adventure's online in print and PDF.  In fact, Cast Tower is on sale now, but the sale ends Thursday (tomorrow)!  And there are only six stand-alone medallions left, so if you're digging Theater of the Hammed but don't want to purchase a set of four dials from The Game Crafter, be sure to claim one from my Gumroad store!

Thanks again for the support!  Nearly 200 wizards and clerics have welcomed the Patron Myassari into their crumbling lives in charming yet futile attempt to control time - and quite a few players have now explored the Tower of Ruzzik-Tol and/or the deadly Minstrel Theater!

I've got more DCC RPG projects in the works, so check back soon and in the meantime...
"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"

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