November 4, 2015

Now Available! Theater of the Hammed!

Theater of the Hammed

An Adventure for 3rd and 4th-Level DCC RPG Characters

Available from RPGNow, LuLu, and GameCrafter!

 To celebrate, Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises is on sale for the first time, for a limited time! 

Hi Crawlers!
Lots of exciting news in this post.  First, I am pleased to announce the release of Theater of the Hammed - my second full 3PP DCC RPG adventure! TOTH is written to be played by five to seven
3rd-level characters, or four to six 4th-level characters, in approximately six hours of playtime.

"The people of Minstrel need your help!  A divine ritual meant to heal our sleepless king has gone abominably, giving birth to blood-thirsty creatures from the pages of fable!  Now we are trapped between both the Western raiders which rule our port, and the nightmarish demons which hold our once great amphitheater.  Scattered within the theater are the cursed fable’s pages, which we need to complete the ritual!  Where could such a group of adventurers be found, who would dare face creatures and beasts so vile as to even hurl the imaginative minds of a theater audience into abject terror!"

Bound within this module is an eight-page set of illustrated player handouts that combine into The Boy in the Golden Pantaloons – A dungeon crawler’s fairy tale written exclusively for this adventure!  Each print version also includes a create-your-own Melodalia's Medallion of Misbelief - a functional dial used by players throughout the adventure to track their descent into madness!

Check out that pile of kickass handouts!
And don't forget to make your medallion!
With the PDF version, you can print as many medallions as you want, on any paper-stock you want.  In some of the images, you can see the medallion that I printed on heavy, golden card-stock.

RPGNow: TOTH is available in both print and PDF in a 6"x9" format.  If you know you want to create more than one medallion, I'd suggest bundling with the PDF.

LuLu: TOTH is available in print in a 6"x9" format.  Lulu has always been one of my favorite print-on-demand services because of their vibrant, glossy cover-colors!

The Game Crafter:  This edition is special.  TOTH was created for the Gamehole Con 2015 Adventure writing contest, which required the module be formatted for Game Crafter's jumbo booklet size.  The module is printed in a 8"x10" format, which includes a PDF copy.  This edition is laid out in a traditional DCC two column design.  It also comes with four, full-colored, professionally printed Medallions of Misbelief!  Check out the product page for more specific info.  Because of Game Crafter's printing process, this special edition is more expensive, but it does include print, PDF, and four professionally printed medallions!

Game Crafter edition with medallions!
Two column vs single!
Full color, professionally made!
Game Crafter's special-edition medallion set will also available on its own!  You can soon purchase them from Game Crafter in a set of four, or for a limited time, I'll be offering single medallions via Gumroad.  Basically, I ordered a few batches at once so I could offer those who only want to purchase a single medallion to go along with their RPGNow or LuLu copies!

Before I wrap up, I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me make this module happen.  Thank you +Julian Bernick for extensive editing.  Thank you +Jen Brinkman , +Jon Carnes , Meg Dolan, and Justin Melde for careful proofreading.  Thanks you again Jen, Jon, and +Michael Bolam for running your players through a playtest.  Thank you Jack Kotz for your awesome cover and handout art.  And finally - Thank you everyone who has picked up a copy of my first adventure Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises, or my patron Myassari!  Doing all this work on the side of my real job can be tiring, but this great community keeps me motivated!

All those I directly mentioned, I'll be sending you print copies of the final adventure for your help - so watch for a message from me!

Which brings us to the winner of a free Lulu print copy of Theater of the Hammed!  On a d100, I rolled a 17... which would normally result in something bad happening, unless you're... +Dan Chiavaroli !!!  Thanks Dan for following Order of the Quill!

Now it's time to get packed for Gamehole Con 2015!!!!!

Thanks again and as always...
"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"

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