January 19, 2016

Strange things are happening at the circle Q!

Hi Crawlers!
I hope the first month of the new year has been treating you to countless dungeon dives and a limited number of TPKs (unless they deserved it)!  Here is a quick update about the content I've been drafting since publishing Theater of the Hammed in early November.

First off, I have a new DCC Patron on the way - Melodalia, the two-faced goddess of Joy and Sorrow!  This temperamental goddess of theater and thespians is briefly introduced in ToTH, and should be ready for summoning sometime in March/April (fingers crossed!).  Like Mysarrai, she'll be published in both a zine and digital format.

The second, much larger project I've been working on is an all new RPG.  The game, whose title I'll announce in the near future, is a cooperative, roleplay-based kingdom management rpg built upon a custom d6 ruleset.  My goal is to create a ruleset that can be easily integrated into any existing tabletop rpg, or run on its own.  I'm not ready to post its full details yet, but it is a passion project that I've been working on since February of last year (researching, ideating, and outlining).  I've now gotten to the point of playtesting it and refining the ruleset.  I may be running a few off-the-cuff playtest games of it at Gary Con this year.

I look forward to posting more info and images from both projects in the coming months, and as always...
"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"