March 7, 2016

Post-Con Con Post! Gary Con 2016!

Hi Crawlers,
I just wanted to write a quick re-cap of the awesome time I had at Gary Con 2016.  It was great to see and game with familiar faces, while meeting more roleplaying fanatics!  Just like the previous Cons I've been to, I left this weekend with a mind full of hilarious roleplays and what are sure to be inside jokes that resonate for Cons to come.

Bought dice from Louis Zocchi himself!!!
Nothing gets me more excited to write more DCC adventures and design more games than being in a gamer's conclave for five days!  And as a bonus, I got to run a playtest of a new secret RPG that I'm currently developing.  The feedback was great, and the game's rules can almost be set in stone!

Road trip 2016 to Gary Con with the MPLS DCC crew!

With a schedule that included D&D with +Frank Mentzer , a secret DCC playtest with +Jobe Bittman , and learning/playing Dragon Lairds with Tom Wham - there was no doubt that Gary Con 2016 was going to be a blast.  In Frank's game, my halfling went from 3' tall to 3" tall as he was crushed by a trapped support beam - only to be quickly replaced by his twin brother separated at birth!  In Jobe's playtest, ! Sorry, it's a secret for now!  And in Tom's game, I learned to rule from a Dragon Laird himself, losing the kingdom but walking away with a consolation prize and a new game to add to my boardgame to-buy list!

And those were only the scheduled games!  Off-the-book games with +Venger Satanis and +Todd Bunn were just as memorable - where the phrase "slapping the bard" was born!

Thanks again everyone for the fantastic time!  There is nothing like packing into a car with +Julian Bernick , +Trevor Hartman , and +Jon Carnes , rolling dice for five days straight, and then driving home and sharing stories!  It was great to be able to thank +Jen Brinkman and +Michael Bolam in-person for their excellent playtest feedback on TOTH  - and it was fun visiting with +Jon Hershberger  +Brendan LaSalle , +Doug Kovacs , +Jason Hobbs , +Jim Skach , +Reid San Filippo , +Forrest Aguirre , +Meredith Spearman +Adam Muszkiewicz +Kathryn Muszkiewicz  and a host of others that I need to find on G+!

Merry Gary Con 2016 from the DCC RPG MPLS Community!
Looking forward to gaming with you all again soon!

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