September 20, 2018

NEW! Shade Hunter by Steve Bean hot off the press!


A door slams in the background. Slats of pale dusklight from half-broken blinds falls on a messy metal workbench. On the bench lays a gleaming Colt .50 Desert Eagle, clearly fashioned from Sainted Steel. We see MOE MANIC’S hand pick up the weapon.

PAN OUT AND UP TO MO’ MANIC polishing the gun with a virgin-white rag.

Sending a broad packin’ after she tells me she’s in trouble ain’t exactly chivalrous, but then: you see any “shinin’ armor” on me? They don’t call us “gutter” knights for nuthin’. She looked 100% Hightown: a retro trench coat from the latest Fall fashion concealing a flimsy dress of the finest silk and lipstick the color of fresh blood to match the dress. But while she certainly looked Hightown, her imported French perfume couldn’t hide the stench of sorcery all over her. Probably a patsy, sent by a Scion of Scutigera to lure the Guildsmen in to a trap. Which is why I’m only gonna let her get halfway down the block before I start tailing her. But first, I’m gonna take a minute to make sure ole Feydafenzer here is ready for action. I may secretly be a sucker for dames in distress, but I ain’t got no deathwish. And I’ve always found that no matter how sinister a sorcerer thinks he is, 325 grams of Sainted Steel traveling at 1500 feet-per-second and hitting with 1500 foot-pounds of force will seriously cramp his style.

Weeper Cultist weep copiously as they slay at the direction of their cultist masters!

Modern. Sorcery. Noir? Have three more brooding words ever been attached to a DCC
RPG project? I doubt it, and I should know, because I’m both a DCC RPG staff writer and a
brooder. Try as I might, I just can’t seem to get the hang of optimism and good cheer.
Surely you weren’t expecting anything different from the creator of NULL SINGULARITY
and Rock God Death-Fugue, were you?

So imagine my dark delight when, at Gen Con XLIX in 2016, my dear friend, and oft-times
DCC RPG 3PP collaborator Julian Bernick put his new DCC-compatible campaign setting
Nowhere City Nights in my hands! As had happened with James MacGeorge’s Black Sun
Deathcrawl, I was so blown away by Nowhere City Nights that I begged Julian to let me
write an adventure for it.

He assented and that was all I needed to be off and running. I didn’t even need time to
think about what I wanted to write because I already knew. One of my all-time favorite
movies is Blade Runner. I had to, just HAD to, write a Nowhere City Nights homage
adventure to Ridley Scott’s landmark neo-noir film.

With Blade Runner and Nowhere City Nights as inspiration, proverbially speaking, this
adventure “wrote itself” and Shade Hunter was born. Or would it be more appropriate to
say… replicated? 

 - Steve Bean

Shade Hunter is a Blade Runner-inspired adventure that throws your 2nd Level Nowhere City Nights PCs into the investigation a spate of violent crimes with an odd twist: eyewitnesses swear that the perpetrators of the crimes could be the identical twins of their victims! Someone, or something, is behind it all, but this is Nowhere City - so the list of possible suspects is endless. The city has so many corrupt politicians, greedy corporations and crooked cops that it's rotted through. And operating in secret, behind it all, are the sorcerer cults that control the rest of the scum as if they were pawns on a chessboard. Do your PCs have the guns and the guts to get to the bottom of things? Secret truths about the world of Nowhere City Nights await adventurers with the grit to drag these secrets out of the shadows!

Where can I buy it?

Purchase your copy of Shade Hunter at the links below:

Wait! Where can I purchase the Nowhere City campaign setting?

Purchase your copy of Nowhere City Nights at the links below:

"May your quills never molt and your ink pots stay full!"

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