Area 1–2 — About Page

When the web page loads, read or paraphrase the following:
“You enter a small, low budget website built upon a free blog-like platform. Enchanted buttons surround you; each leading deeper into a labyrinth of game modules and adventures.  With brief hesitation and a reflection on near-fatal lever pulls of past, you finally conjure the courage to click upon the stone button engraved with the word 'About'.'  Before you, several blocks of words materialize in the air, as if held within an invisible, open tome.
Once the visitor has entered Area 12, pass around Handout A.


Order of the Quill is a small press out of Minneapolis, MN which was founded in 2014.  Under this moniker, Clint Bohaty writes and publishes full adventure modules for other DCC judges to enjoy and run.  Each module is professionally illustrated by a commissioned artist and published in a 6"x9" small print format.  They are available online in both PDF and Print editions.  If you're a Game Master looking for a great story, or a PC looking for a painful death — look no further! Order of the Quill has all the bone-crushing traps, unique game mechanics, and memorable NPC's that keep Players crawling back for more!

It's impossible to have an "about page" for Order of the Quill without writing a bit about myself.  My name is Clint Bohaty and I am a filmmaker and storyteller out of Minneapolis, MN.  In 2011, I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  I enjoy exploring the shelves of used bookstores seeking out tattered tomes with fantastical covers.  Mysteries, Fantasies, and Science Fictions are always of appeal.  Inspired by these stories, as well as by film and theater, I draft my own worlds for others to explore.  I hope you enjoy reading and playing my adventures as much as I do writing them  and if any of your PCs die within one of my adventures, be sure to post it on Kramick's Portal Cadaverous for a chance to win a free print copy of my next adventure!

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