Kramick's Portal Cadaverous

Kramick's Portal Cadaverous is where Judges and Players come together to share their stories of tragic character deaths that take place in Order of the Quill Adventures!

When the website visitor enters Area 13, read or paraphrase the following:

At the center of the ash stone vault swirls a vortex of mossygreen mist;  Faint wisps of fallen heroes and herohopefuls frantically weave about its waves like needles held within the pinch of a hurried seamstress.  The portal's dim glow casts deep shadows upon the face of a sharplyshaped humanoid with gangling limbs and small torso.  With long, bonetight fingers, the creature beckons you closer to the pale light, calling out to you in a raspy voice filled with bemusement: 
"I almos' didn't see you there behind those opaque, milky spirits you carry.  Not the spirits I was hopin' for, mind you, but spirits none the less.  Well don't doddle.  You've come to the right place.  Over there now, cast your dead here in my portal cadaverous before their memory fades.  What's that you inquire?  Their feelings!?  Why they're dead you ninny!  Now fill out the paperwork and begone... before I force upon you feelings of pain!"

Here we honor those who've died,
Who've cast aside their greed and pride,
Be Dwarf or Halfling,
Elf or Man,
May time extend eternal span.


Comment on this page while adhering to the following submission format:

ADVENTURE TITLE:  Tower of the Blood Moon Rises!
DEAD PC NAME: Dingleroot the Halfling, LVL 2
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF FATAL INCIDENT:  In Area 72, Dingleroot, delusional from Grahamtart poisoning, attempted to swallow his own hand.  He believed it to be a slice of his grandmother's homemade Bramblejam pie.  His fellow adventurers tried to dissuade him, arguing that he was hundreds of miles from his grandmother's in Hobbiton.  In the end, Dingleroot died from selfinduced suffocation upon the stone floor.